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Investing in Precious Metals Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Last Updated September 2023

Category: Invest


  • Deciding on Your Investment
  • Navigating the Website
  • Registering on the Site
  • Selecting Products and Checkout
  • Managing Your Online Precious Metals Portfolio


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Investing in precious metals can offer a safety net against market volatility and potential for growth. In today’s digital age, these investments have become even more accessible, thanks to online platforms like The Royal Mint. Whilst the thought of navigating such platforms may seem intimidating at first, the process is, in fact, quite straightforward.

Taking the leap into online precious metal investing doesn’t just offer you 24/7 access to your portfolio. It also provides you with the opportunity to invest with a reputable institution. The Royal Mint’s streamlined, efficient and transparent process eliminates many traditional investment hurdles, imbuing your investment journey with trust and authenticity.

Moreover, online investments in gold, silver and platinum can offer a unique blend of stability and potential for appreciation. These metals have consistently maintained their value across centuries, acting as a reliable hedge against inflation and market instability.

Adding alternative assets to your portfolio is often crucial for managing risk and achieving a balanced investment portfolio. In the following sections of this guide, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of online investing in precious metals with us, helping you make well-informed decisions and ensuring you maximise the advantages that this type of investment offers.


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Deciding on Your Investment

Before making any investment, conducting thorough research is crucial. With online precious metal investments, this research includes understanding the specific characteristics of gold, silver and platinum, and determining which aligns best with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Gold often garners attention for its historic value preservation and hedging properties. Silver, though more volatile, has extensive industrial applications, which can influence its demand and price. Platinum, rarer than gold and silver, has significant industrial uses, particularly in the automotive industry, which can make its price susceptible to economic changes.

In terms of product selection, you have the option of investing in physical coins or bars, or physically backed digital precious metals through DigiGold. The choice largely depends on your preferences and investment capital.

Digital precious metals provide a unique advantage, especially for those starting with a smaller budget. You can invest based on a specific monetary value with a minimum order of just £25. This flexibility allows you to start small and increase your holdings over time.

For physical products, you need to decide between home delivery or storage at The Royal Mint’s secure facility. Each choice has its advantages, so consider factors such as your storage capabilities, insurance and peace of mind. By weighing these aspects, you can make an informed decision on your investment that suits your individual goals and requirements.


Navigating the Website

The Royal Mint’s user-friendly website is your gateway to investing in precious metals online. Its intuitive design and easy navigation make browsing for product options a simple task, even for first-time visitors.

Upon landing on the homepage, you will find a clear layout with various categories and information about different precious metals. To find the specific type of metal you’re interested in (gold, silver or platinum), use the main menu. From there, you can explore a wide variety of investment options.

Under each metal category, you will find different product options – coins, bars or physically backed digital precious metals. Detailed descriptions and pricing information are provided for each product, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Consider your investment strategy and budget when browsing through these options. Whether you’re looking for a physical Britannia coin, a gold bar or digital precious metals, you’ll find it all neatly organised and readily available.


Registering on the Site

Once you have decided on your preferred precious metal investment, the next step is to register on The Royal Mint’s website. The registration process is straightforward and designed with your convenience in mind.

On the homepage, you’ll find the ‘Sign In’ button, under which there is a ‘Create an Account’ link. This will direct you to the registration form.

The registration form will ask for some basic information to create an account. You will also be required to create a secure password. Ensure your password is strong and unique to enhance your account’s security. We will also ask for your personal details, including name, gender and date of birth. We require this information to confirm your identity and comply with relevant regulatory requirements. The final stage of the process will also request a security question. This will be used to further enhance the security of your account and provides an additional layer of protection from unauthorised access.

Upon successful registration, you’ll be able to log into your account. This account access will enable you to add products to your cart, make payments and track your investments.


Selecting Products and Checkout

Now that you’re registered and logged in, you’re ready to select your desired products. Return to the specific product page you had identified earlier during your research. Choose your preferred product option, be it a physical coin, bar or DigiGold.

For physical metals, decide whether you would like them delivered or stored in The Vault®, The Royal Mint’s secure storage facility. Physically backed digital precious metals will automatically be stored with The Royal Mint.

Once you’ve made your choices, add the products to your cart. The website will guide you to the checkout page. Here, you can review your order, make changes, if necessary, and see the total cost, including any associated premiums.

To purchase, you can either add funds to your account beforehand or do it as part of the checkout process. The Royal Mint’s site provides multiple secure payment options for your convenience. Clicking on ‘Complete Purchase’ will finalise your transaction. A confirmation message will appear and a receipt will be sent to your registered email address, verifying your purchase.


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Managing Your Online Precious Metals Portfolio

Once you’ve made your first investment, the journey into the world of precious metals truly begins. The Royal Mint’s online platform allows you to manage your investments easily and effectively.

You can log in to your account at any time to view your portfolio. If you’ve opted for digital precious metals or chosen to store physical metal in The Vault, you can monitor their value in real time based on current market prices.

The platform also allows you to buy more precious metals or sell your holdings whenever you wish. This feature gives you the flexibility to react to market changes and align your investments with your evolving financial goals.

Remember, investing is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. Regularly reviewing your portfolio and staying informed about market trends is crucial. It’s also essential to maintain a long-term perspective. Whilst precious metals prices can fluctuate in the short term, their enduring value lies in their historical long-term stability.

Finally, always consider consulting with a financial advisor or a trusted investment professional for personalised advice tailored to your individual circumstances and objectives.

The contents of this article, accurate at the time of publishing, are for general information purposes only, and do not constitute investment, pensions, legal, tax, or any other advice. Before making any investment or financial decision, you may wish to seek advice from your financial, pensions, legal, tax and/or accounting advisors.

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