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In 1694, Jean Dassier began his medallic representation career in Paris, receiving tutelage from the skilled masters Mauger and Joseph Roettier. By 1696, Dassier had established himself in Geneva, becoming its Chief Engraver in 1720, succeeding his father and remaining there throughout his professional career. His prolific output included more than 250 medals. 

This set, approved by Queen Caroline and initiated by Dassier during his stay in London, consists of 34 medals made with great precision in damascened bronze.  

All bar one medal in the series measures 41 millimetres in diameter and portrays the reigns of each monarch from the reign of William I through to George II. The obverse of each medal features a regal portrait, whilst the reverse elegantly depicts the monarch's final resting place. One medal in the series is slightly smaller, measuring at 38 millimetres and is dedicated to Oliver Cromwell.


Specification Value
Alloy Bronze
Year 1731
Specification Value
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