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Following the death of Charles II, a new king – James II – acceded to the throne in April 1685. The new accession to the throne resulted in engraver R. Arondeaux designing a medal for the new king’s coronation. Finished with a chariot on the right and two tall ships on the left, in a significant reference to Britain’s naval power, the obverse of the medal features a bust of James II facing left. The reverse features a violent image of two beheaded bodies with their heads on pedestals, one of whom is the Scottish nobleman Archibald Campbell and the other James Scott, Duke of Monmouth. Both were beheaded in 1685, Campbell on June 30 and Scott on July 15.


Specification Value
Reverse Designer Regnier Arondeaux
Obverse Designer Regnier Arondeaux
Year 1685
Pure Metal Type Silver
Specification Value
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