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Throughout the centuries, the names of many UK coins have become part of our everyday language. This exciting range delves into the histories of popular pre-decimal circulating coins and reveals the origins of the names by which we commonly know them.

Coin Names and Their Nicknames: The Florin

Introduced in 1849, the silver florin was worth two shillings (a tenth of a pound) and was similar in size to the half-crown. Intended as the first step towards decimalisation, the coin remained legal tender until 1993 and now forms part of our range of UK coins with interesting names.

The ‘Florin’

Taking its name from the ‘fiorino d’oro’, the Florentine was an Italian trade coin used by merchants throughout Western Europe. Edward III attempted to introduce an English gold florin in 1344. Intended for the same purpose, it was underweight for its value of six shillings and was quickly withdrawn. Similar in size and value to the Dutch and Austrian florins, the silver florin that appeared in the

Did you know?

The name florin is said to have been chosen to please Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. Albert is reported to have encouraged the decimal lobby and would have been familiar with the florins of continental Europe in his youth.

Old Coin Nicknames

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Specification Value
Alloy Cupro-Nickel
Weight 11.31 g
Diameter 28.50mm
Quality Circulating
Year 1849-1967
Specification Value
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