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The Morgan Dollar is one of the most famous coins in American history. It evokes images of the Wild West. Cowboys stepping into a hostile bar and flipping the barkeep a silver dollar for a bottle of Whiskey. If these Morgan Dollars could speak what a story they could tell!

However, the designer of one of the most iconic coins in US history was in fact British! George T Morgan was born close to Birmingham in 1845 and would go on to become a contract engraver for The Royal Mint, until he was contacted by the US Mint and appointed special engraver in Philadelphia.

He would work his way through the ranks until eventually being appointed Chief Engraver in 1917, but many still agree that his greatest achievement was the Silver Morgan Dollar.


US Silver Morgan Dollar - Mixed Dates - 1878-1921 – VF

Specification Value
Weight 26.73 g
Diameter 38.10mm
Reverse Designer George T. Morgan
Obverse Designer George T. Morgan
Pure Metal Type Silver
Specification Value
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