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Welcome to the World, Little One


Giving the gift of a coin is the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them and, like many of life’s significant milestones, the arrival of a new bundle of joy is often subject to a wide range of traditions and customs.

Perceived as much more than its face value, coins signify luck and prosperity. Gifted to mark a birth for centuries, a coin is traditionally given to wish a newborn the best possible start in life.

Celebrate the Little Treasure

Bringing new life into the world can be one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable and often represents the most treasured moments of a person’s life. With more than 1,100 years of experience and craftsmanship, you can cherish special moments like this with a long-lasting gift, such as a coin from The Royal Mint.

Coins from The Royal Mint have marked many significant historical and life events throughout the centuries. You can now embrace a cherished tradition through our baby collection, which offers the perfect gifts for both the arrival of a newborn and events such as naming ceremonies and christenings alike.

Whilst times have changed and traditions continue to evolve, the act of giving a coin as a christening gift is still a popular way of wishing new babies well for the future. A contemporary take on an age-old tradition, coins from The Royal Mint are the perfect way to commemorate a newborn baby, welcoming a new child into the world with something they can treasure for years to come.


Gifts Made to Last a Lifetime

EEstablished more than 1,100 years ago, The Royal Mint has a history like no other and we have been skilfully perfecting our craft for centuries.

When it comes to welcoming newborn babies into the world, one of the most endearing ceremonial quirks in the United Kingdom is crossing the baby’s palm with silver. In addition to gifting the newborn for the celebratory element, the gift of coin hosts a deeper meaning behind this age-old custom. Crossing the baby’s palm with silver was seen as a customary way to wish a new baby the best possible start to life, igniting a prosperity that hopefully continues throughout their life.

Featuring the official coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III, our baby collection offers a range of precious gifts, including year-dated sixpences, gold minted bars, one ounce coins and much more, that can help give a milestone moment that extra-special touch.

More than 1,100 Years of Minting Experience

Life’s biggest moments deserve to be commemorated with extraordinary gifts. Our baby collection features pieces made with craftsmanship perfected over a millennium that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Coins are a lasting way to incorporate a touch of tradition into a significant life event. Our baby collection offers a special touch to an important milestone, embracing heartfelt traditions to provide a traditional gift for a contemporary occasion.

The Wedding and Baby Collection

For centuries, coins have been used to mark and celebrate remarkable moments in time, whether that be moments in world history or more personal occasions. Our wedding and baby collection contains the perfect gift, whatever the occasion.

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