We’ve traded precious metals for 1,100 years. Now you can do it in seconds. Buy, sell and spread your risk, all at the click of a button with our DigiGold account.

DigiGold is the simplest way to invest in precious metals. Accumulate gold, silver and platinum in fractional quantities, execute real-time trades from your computer or smartphone, and benefit from economies of scale inherent in partial ownership of larger bars. And with your holding stored safely in The Vault® , there’s no need to worry about security.

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We’ve traded gold for 1,100 Years. Now you can do it in Seconds.


“The benefits of investing in gold, silver and platinum are well known, but so are the challenges: namely security and storage. DigiGold offers a convenient alternative to owning physical precious metals. Backed by the reputation of our bullion bars, a store of wealth trusted by banks and intermediaries all over the world, we’ve designed a secure digital platform that makes investing in gold easier than ever before.”

Andrew Dickey, Divisional Director, Precious Metals


How it works


Enter your details and select a username and password.


Fund your wallet via bank transfer, debit card or standing order.


Make a lump sum purchase or set up recurring monthly investments.

Start investing from as little as £25.


We offer a competitive rate based on live precious metal prices.

Features and benefits

Trading gold, silver and platinum has never been easier


With DigiGold it is easy to set up monthly recurring payments, enabling you to automatically invest in a set monetary amount of precious metals each month.

Online management

Review and manage your portfolio's performance, all from within our easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, account area.

Physically backed

All gold, silver and platinum is backed with investment grade LBMA approved metals.

Secure Vaulted

Stored in The Royal Mint’s vault, which is trusted by central banks and major financial institutions.


There is no upper limit to the amount that can be invested into DigiGold.

Complete Control

Buy and sell gold, silver and platinum all year round, so you never miss a chance to trade.


Management Fees

No Hidden Fees

With DigiGold there are no hidden management fees, so you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Buy Store Sell
0.33% 0.5% + VAT 1.00%


The storage fee of 0.5% + VAT per annum is based on the average daily value of your total metal holding.

The below table indicates your estimated annual storage charge based on investing £50 per month, from 1-18 years. Please note this does not take any future market fluctuations into consideration and is indicative only.


1 £600 0.5% £3.60
5 £3,000 0.5% £18.00
10 £6,000 0.5% £36.00
18 £10,800 0.5% £64.80


DigiGold management fees are charged at 0.5% + VAT per annum based on the average daily market value of your total gold holding that is stored in The Vault®.

Please note that The Royal Mint will offer to buy your Digital Silver and Digital Platinum back at the live metal spot price minus a 1% fee. The VAT paid on purchase is a requirement under UK law and is passed to HM Revenue & Customs. It is not refundable upon sale. There is no VAT liability on the sale of goods by non-VAT registered individuals.

Invoices are issued quarterly and will be settled from your available account balance. If you do not have sufficient balance to cover the cost of storage, your account will be in arrears until the balance is paid. You can add funds to your account using debit card or bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

DigiGold is a simple and cost-effective way to own physical gold, silver and platinum in quantities to suit all budgets, allowing you to purchase and own a fractional amount of large gold, silver and platinum bars that are held securely in The Vault®.

These large bars allow us to offer economies of scale and pass on the savings to customers. Unlike buying coins or bars, it enables you to purchase gold, silver and platinum based on value rather than weight e.g. £25.00 instead of a 1 ounce coin or bar, providing you with control and flexibility. Please note that DigiGold products cannot be delivered.

Yes, it does. If you are looking for CGT exemption, then all UK legal tender bullion coins from The Royal Mint can offer this benefit. If you are unsure about implications in relation to capital gains tax, please speak to your financial adviser.

DigiGold offers direct ownership of real physical gold, silver or platinum without the delivery or fabrication fees associated with coins and bars. Unlike coins and bars, DigiGold enables you to purchase gold, silver and platinum-based on value rather than weight e.g. £25.00 instead of a 1 ounce coin or bar.

As you purchase fractions of a large bar, DigiGold cannot be delivered. Subject to a minimum order value of £25.00, you can purchase any amount you choose in 0.001 ounce units, and unlike larger coins and bars, you can spend exactly what you choose.

The Royal Mint buys large bars and stores them securely within The Vault. Subject to a minimum order value of £25.00, you can purchase fractions of these bars to the nearest 0.001 ounce, but unlike buying coins or bars, it enables you to purchase gold, silver and platinum-based on value rather than weight e.g. £25.00 instead of a one ounce coin or bar.

When you purchase DigiGold, you own it and have legal title to it, with The Royal Mint acting as a custodian only. This means that we don’t have any direct claim on the gold you’ve purchased, and you have the assurance that your gold, silver and platinum are protected.

DigiGold allows you to purchase and own individual ounces of large 400-ounce gold, silver and platinum bars, that are held securely in The Vault. These large 400-ounce bars allow us to offer economies of scale to our clients and pass on the savings. Please note that DigiGold cannot be delivered.

DigiGold is a product offered alongside our existing investment coins and bars. If you already have an Invest account on royalmint.com, then you simply need to log in to purchase digital gold, silver and platinum.

If you haven’t opened an Invest account, this process only takes a few minutes to complete. Once your application is approved, you can add funds and begin trading.

Yes, all of the digital precious metals that you own in your DigiGold account are backed by real, investment grade LBMA approved precious metal bars, which are safely stored in our purpose-built secure onsite storage facility, The Vault ®. A list of the gold, silver and platinum bars currently stored under of DigiGold service can be viewed here.




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