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The high standards of quality and expertise, for which The Royal Mint is renowned, also apply to contract minting projects that we undertake, whereby a bespoke product is specifically developed to fit the customer's needs and produced to his/her specifications and requirements. Few, if any, other mints can provide such a wealth of tradition and experience which dates back for over 1000 years. Today, those qualities are matched by the latest world-class coin and medallion manufacturing technology.

We are able to offer a vast range of products, from high value exclusive pieces in platinum, gold, and silver, to more inexpensive base metal issues. All of these are available in almost any size, alloy or specification required.

The Royal Mint has an extensive portfolio of countries and issuing authorities from all around the world, who are very supportive of our collector coin markets and are often willing to act as issuing authorities for our non-United Kingdom commemorative coin issues. We believe this to be a distinct advantage over our competitors.

The Royal Mint's comprehensive support ranges from initial design through to presentation packaging. An obligation-free quote is provided so you know exactly what the costs are prior to the start of production. Once the quotation and delivery timelines are approved, the formal design and minting process can begin.

We will work closely with a client through all stages of production, from creating a unique design to providing exclusive presentation options.

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