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The circulating coin team

As the world’s leading export mint, The Royal Mint makes coins and medals for more than 30 countries each year. Our primary responsibility is to make and distribute United Kingdom coins but overseas coins and blanks comprise roughly two-thirds of the circulating coin production activity within The Royal Mint.


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Making money for everyone

More than 1,100 years of experience have made The Royal Mint a leader in the art of coin making, with its high-quality work recognised and valued worldwide. The Royal Mint’s Circulating Coin Sales team has embarked on an Operational Excellence programme to ensure that they consistently provide the right products at the right time, while also allowing the business to increase its capacity and operational efficiency, to remain price competitive over the long term.

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Our team offers a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over many years and across many countries. To contact the Circulating Coin Sales team, email us at

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